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Welcome to Wisdom Teachings

Hello! Thank you for joining me on this wild spiritual ride. For a while I have created channeled artwork/poetry and just posted to various social medias. At this point in my journey, I have been blessed with more time to invest in the content I put out. My goal with this blog is generating an encyclopedia of my channeled artwork, diving deeper into the analysis of imagery & concepts... Alot of my experience in the creative field has been a learning process. As the work is produced and grows I learn more about the cosmos and my humanity in a very personal manor. By syncing my perspective and spirit with the cosmos I am capable of channeling information long forgotten. We all have this ability. For me it was guided by experiences where what cannot be seen would prove itself to be known in my awareness, be it cosmic energies, dragons, nature spirits, passed on loved ones & more. Either way these experiences have lead me to a beautiful life where I truly believe in the powers that are beyond us.

With this blog, I hope to teach you more about automatic/channeled writing, creating abundance through creative endeavors and sharing the magic I experience everyday with my incredibly talented/ tapped-in partner Leah and our guru dog, Ember.

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