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The Universe is Not Reality

The most important aspect of life IS the context behind reality. The Earth is a plethora of realities or paths intermingling. When we are born we are given a body, this body is free. Free of cost and free of reality. But to grow and prosper on this Human path the body requires food and information to survive by intaking "reality". Over time, this value archetype switches from the invaluable internal source to external value. This value, since it keeps us alive becomes the source and limit of our "freedom." The food we put into these bodies over time is truly what the body becomes. The information we accumulate is what the mind becomes. This is the cornerstone of our being, from a child. This results in us assuming the only things of value are those that are provided in the external plane.. But to each of us this experience is the first inhale into life. It is innocent, It is what we take on. This is the fixed reality we face. Forces that intend to prey on humanity use this to their advantage, making paths based off of this weakness- Hoping to keep you there.

Our power is not stopping this inhale, as we must breathe. Our power is in the exhale. Imagination alchemizes whatever we intake. The question is "What will be created of this intake?" Take notice of what you exhale, for this is the source of manifestation and the source of simulation. The Universe is not our reality, our reality is our limited belief. The expansion comes from releasing what we have always "known", releasing the external value. This doesn't mean give away all your belongings, although it could for some. It means asking yourself to expand beyond our limits it means strengthening the imagination. This is the invitation for higher forms of life to enter our matrix program. THE KEY to divine insight is asking. By making this space we open the gates of the universe to converge with our reality. We accumulate more light. We illuminate the mind, allowing us to walk into dark spaces and see shadows frightened to come any closer. We see a path illuminated by powers beyond our understanding. This is the spiritual path, the deeper game of life reveals itself to those simply willing to open the door; and it's all FREE.

Nature inspires us by extracting nutrients from the earth and delivering oxygen, beauty and homes for all the woodland creatures. We walk the same path as nature. We walk this path together.. When we separate from the path of what we "know" we experience the emptiness of the universe, due to our own limit. This scares many into returning to a reality that is served for them VS made by them.. However, It is not empty, it is potential. The same potential of a baby being born, free of any limit. In this life to find OUR place, it takes both physical and ethereal. That is our true nature. We must balance these spaces and by doing so, we design a reality influenced by the freedom of thought, the core of universal sovereignty . When we do this in our life we create circumstances, we create possibility, and we create heaven on earth. - One step beyond this enlightenment is one step beyond reality, into the Universe.

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